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ASUS P5N32-E Sli plus + 4gig Twin2x2048c4


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I am having difficulties with my Twin2x2048C4 + Twin2x2048c4DHX


As you can see I have 4 1gb memory sticks insertet but it only shows that I have 3,25 gb in windows xp?


I used the asus probe and looked at the memory modules individually and they all had 1024 as memory capacity.


My BIOS revision is 0805,

I've changed the memory timings settings to 4-4-4-12 as recomended and the voltage to 2.1 but it doesn't work


Have I missed something?



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Windows XP is known for only showing/recognizing 2.5-3.5GB of memory even when 4GB are installed. Very common.


When you upgrade to Vista you won't have this issue.


Not so. The issue is a 32bit Operating Systems Addressing Space. On a 32bit OS, there is a maximum of 4GB addressing space. Therefore all the components that contain memory and must be addressed by the Operating System need some of that 4GB space. For example. A Geforce 8800GT 512MB installed into a 32bit Operating System such as Vista 32bit or WindowsXP 32bit, etc. will need 512MB of system memory to address the 512MB of the video card. Then all caches, memory subsystems of the motherboard, legacy devices, etc. all need their space of that 4GB. The BIOS needs some so the overhead usually brings you to ~3.2 (or less) GB when 4GB is installed in the computer of a 32bit Operating system.


Windows XP 64bit does not have this issue. Neither does Windows Vista 64bit, or other 64bit non-windows OS's.

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You're very welcome. Be clear though. 64bit OS and software releases are not on a parity. Many softwares out "there" will not yet work correctly with the 64bit OS. You may find that the 3.25GB is still better with your 32bit OS and the software you currently use, than 2GB.
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