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I got a twin pack of cm2x1024-6400 today to up my ram to 4 gb I have 2x1024 Value select (VS2GBKIT667D2) that is working fine in both a1/a2 and in b1\b2 slots so I know I don't have a bad slot on my board.


I stalled the new ram and got a memory code error. so I removed them and pc started fine. I then installed one peice of new ram and it started fine and shut down then installed the last peice and got a code error again.


I am running Xp and yes I know the last gig of ram is not going to be picked up by Xp but I am getting my system ready for vista and would like to have 4 gigs of ram.


Do I have a bad stick of ram or am I doing something wrong?


system config:

Amd 5200+


2x1024 mb VS2GBKIT667D2

7900gs oc

450w PSU

windows Xp Home

System is not overclocked

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