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Compability with Corsair 2GB DDR XMS3200C2PT TwinX


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Hi All,


I'm currently in the process of shopping for some extra RAM for my system, but i'm unsure which RAM will be compatible with my current memory. I have 2 GB of MY-079-CS Corsair 2GB DDR XMS3200C2PT TwinX (2x1GB) CAS2.


I want to upgrade to 4 GB. (I have 64 bit Vista, so should be compatible I hear)


The question is which RAM (if any) is compatible with this and not likely to slow down my machine (by having different speeds). Would I be better speed wise to completely replace the 2GB I have at the moment with 4GB of same brand Corsair RAM. If so which would you recommend?


I don't really want to spend too much on this, but a nice performance gain for anywhere between £40 - £80 would be cool.


My entire setup is as follows:


Motherboard: MSI-K8NN4P MSI K8n Neo4 Platinum Nforce 4 Ultra S939 PCI-E Dual DDR 400


Processor: AMD-X242O AMD X2 Dual Core Athlon 64 4200 512 Socket 939Pin


OS: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium x64Bit OEM 1PK DVD


Graphics: Asus 8800GT 512MB GDDR3 Dual DVI HDTVOut PCI-E Graphics Card


RAM: MY-079-CS Corsair 2GB DDR XMS3200C2PT TwinX (2x1GB) CAS2


Storage: Seagate 7200.10 320GB SATAII/300 8.5ms 7200RPM 16MB Cache


Power: Nexus Real Silent 500Watt Power Supply Unit


Thanks for your help!

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What Revision are the Chips?


XMS-PC3200C2 Rev1.0 (2-3-3-6-1T) --chip--> Winbond CH-5

XMS-PC3200C2 Rev1.1/2.1 (2-3-3-6-1T) --chip--> Winbond BH-6

XMS-PC3200C2 Rev1.2/2.2 (2-3-3-6-1T) --chip--> Winbond CH-6

XMS-PC3200C2 Rev3.1 (2-3-3-6-1T) --chip--> Infineon B-5

XMS-PC3200C2 Rev4.1 (2-3-3-6-1T) --chip--> Samsung TCCD

XMS-PC3200C2 Rev4.2 (2-3-3-6-1T) --chip--> Samsung TCCD & TCC5

XMS-PC3200C2 Rev5.1/6.1 (2-3-3-6-1T) --chip--> Mosel Vitelic 5ns


Mixing and matching DRAM is never a sure thing. You would do well to find modules that are the same revision as yours.

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