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reading wrong size


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I have a new setup with Vista Ultimate 32-bit

Core 2 Duo Processor

4 gigs ( 2 sticks) Corsair XMS2 CM2X2048-6400C5

MSI P6NGM with newest BIOS update


Both sticks have been separately tested with memtest86 with no errors found in either slot.


My Mobo BIOS shows a full 4048Mb .


Windows Vista willl read 1983Mb Ram with either stick - But with both sticks it only reads 3007Mb Ram and seems to be rather unstable.






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You would need a 64Bit OS to fully utilize and address 4GB. Your Hardware sees the DRAM but the OS has a maximum of 4GB in address space. Then every device in your system needs to make use of the 4GB address space as well as system overhead. Video cards memory, sound cards memory, system overhead memory, BIOS swapping memory, legacy device memory, additional cards memory all need that 4GB area to address their devices. For example, an 8800GTX 768 will need 768MB of the 4.0 to address itself, so with that one device, you will lose the 768MB of your System Memory.
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