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2 x 1 GB Twin2X2048-8500C5D troubles


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i have 2 x 1 GB Twin2X2048-8500C5D G on a asus p5n32-e SLI

cpu: intel Q6600. i tried standard settings and then some settings from several websites. problem is that sometimes i even not come to bios settings i updated to bios 1205 and tried 1302beta too. can you help or can you send me the correct bios settings i have to use to make these modules running?



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Please make sure that you have the latest Bios version and then load setup/optimized defaults and set the Dim Voltage to 2.1 volts and then set SLI Ready Memory to CPU Max and set the CPC/CR to 2T, then test with http://www.memtest.org [/Quote]


i tried


1. Bios Update 1205 AND 1302

2. setup defaults loaded

3. memory voltage 2,1V

4. SLI -> CPU max

5. Commands per clock -> 2T

-> with these settings i can not start my pc - it´s even not possible to entering setup!


what´s wrong ?

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Posted previously many times.


after 12 times of changing these s-h-i-t-t-y pair of ddr2 modules and a few wrong or incomplete information from "theramguy" - i decided to send these miserable rams back to corsair - they shall keep it in there stock or put somewhere where´s no sun is shining :evil:


i will change again to k-i-n-g s-t-o-n-s hyperx at they do a perfect job and i can recommend all guys who are sick of corsair - just change to k-i-n-g s-t-o-n and everything will be perfect!


i miss every second i lost with these corsair rams!

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Did you happen to test the modules one at a time to make sure one was not failing? I understand you are frustrated and I am sorry about that, if you like you can call and speak to our Tech support at 800-205-7657 and we will be happy to help you if you cannot make it work.
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