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4x1GB sticks of corsair not stable in IP35 board


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Here is my system:


Abit IP35 PRO

Q6600 G0 (Lapped) (9x356=3200MHz)

Corsair Dominator PC2 8500 4GB (4x1GB) set to 2.20volts

(2) 2.20V ver 3.1 sticks &

(2) 2.15V ver 2.3 sticks

EVGA 8800 Ultra

Western Digital Raptor 150GB 10,000RPM

Thermaltake 850W PSU

Vista 64-bit Ultimate


My setup will not pass memtest v3.4 with 4x1GB sticks of corsair DDR2-1066 memory, but each pair will pass memtest only using 2x1GB. So I bought 4 sticks of DDR2-1066 from another manufacturer. The voltage on my new memory is 2.1 volts and they are 4x2GB sticks. I put these in my system and it has passed memtest 2 times now & is stable with Prime95 12+ hours. Why would the corsair fail and the other manufacturer pass??? Is it the 2.1v vs 2.2v or 4x2GB vs 4x1GB sticks or the ver 3.1 with a ver 2.3???


Any ideas why this is???

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