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"Nvidia Sentinel Reports...."


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"...insufficient power etc.". This repeated warning is driving me mad and spoiling my enjoyment! I have read posts here saying it is not the PSU so have tried reasoning with my card manufacturer. Below is my latest exchange with their 'live help' technician:


Them: the issue is simple, drivers detect not enough power, so if the cables are all connected ok, its got to be fault with mainboard, card or PSU. as we have many reported problems with P35, and not experienced this issue with the card testining on our boards, I would have to suspect mainboard. but if you are not happy with the card, you can contact your supplier, perhaps they can swap for an alternative model?


Me: OK, Tony your stance is that it`s my motherboard that`s the problem? People are reporting this with other manufacturers P35 boards too (ie Asus) so you might be right. Which Intel chipset boards have you tested succesfully with? Pretty fundamental problem if the GPU has incompatibility with one of the mainstream consumer chipsets though (ie P35)!


Them: we tested with 680i and 780i chipset ok,


Them: best in your case to find the best way to isolate the cause, then decide what to do from there. if you are not in a position to try a different maiinboard, PSU, et. best to consider a PC workshop or contact your supplier. we do not recommend increasing voltages higher than they should be, but a good idea is to check memory timings


Me: OK, but insofar as 1) I am not running anything out of spec. currently or 2) using anything other than mainstream components that reasonably ought to work with this card AND 3)I am one of quite a lot of people experiencing the issue, will NVidia publicly acknowledge it and work towards a solution?


Them: as far as we know it is not an issue with the card, and I do not expect a new BIOS nor driver to be issued that will help but i am logging any issues with p35, so once I have some firm data, I can pass it on unfortunately, this will probably not help you, so I do advise taking the measures I mentioned earlier.


Me:Thanks for clarifying and trying to be helpful. Clearly, I can’t accept that, given the various postings on the Internet citing the issue with numerous motherboards and PSU’s from various manufacturers, this is nothing to do with the GPU but if that is you stance, so be it. I will publicise this for the benefit of others. To be honest, I haven’t looked to see if other reported issues are all involving P35 chipset-based motherboards.


Has anyone got this problem with any other chipset apart from the Intel P35?

Oh, and does anyone know how to safely stop it?


I don't really want to dismantle everything and change PSU, motherboard & GPU for something inferior but it's a complete pain that the current setup doesn't play well together and nobody can explain why!!

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I can't offer anything except my sympathy. I've been dealing with this for two months now. This illustrates the most frustrating part of the problem. Nvidia and it's board partners have either said nothing or as in this case, denied knowledge of the problem.


Despite the assurances of both the Corsair reps and the Antec reps that Nvidia has indeed replicated the problem, there is nothing public from Nvidia themselves. We have no real assurance they are trying to fix the problem and are thus left to twist in the wind. With the recent acquisition of Aegia and the upcoming releases of their 9600 and 9800 series boards, how much faith should we have that they are going to do anything. It's a sad state.

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Surely Nvidia must come good on it ? I don't think it's the P35 based boards as I'm sure I've read other boards having the problem also.


It's been more than two weeks since both Corsair and Antec reps have confirmed that Nvidia has duplicated the problem in their labs.


Not a peep from Nvidia.


Do I think Nvidia will eventually address this? Probably. However, without a public acknowledgment, how can they be held responsible and how can we, as the affected users, know when to expect a fix. It could be a week or it could be six months. How long do you wait before forking out the cash for a different supply, motherboard or GPU?


Obviously, I can not expect Nvidia to test every possible combination of parts to ensure 100% functionality. However, once a problem has been reported, demonstrated and duplicated, I don't understand why the cloak of secrecy. Admit it. Fix it. Move on.


It's a basic customer service issue.

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No, but I have changed my PSU. But I did that for other reasons. I do have a P35 board with a G92 based card and have no problems at all.


It happens with several board and PSU types/brands but the only constant between all the reports I have seen is the G92 based card so IMO it looks like it's the card to me.


I agree with the above comments, but really untill Nvidia goes public on it what else can people do but wait ? It's really frustrating for alot of people, but hounding the poor guys here at Corsair won't help. Folks should be also directing their concerns to Nvidia, at least it will let Nvidia know how many people are having these problems.

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For the benefit of anybody tracking this issue, a tech on the EVGA forum has confirmed that they and Nvidia are aware of and are working on a fix. No further information was given.




Another member posted some detailed information he apparently received during a phone conversation. It's too long to repost, but it was an interesting read.

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...by changing PSU. I love the Corsair HX and it has gone in to my old PC (which had a noisy & barely powerful enough Hiper unit) and I'm now using an Antec Neopower HE 500 which seems to play fine with everything including the 8800 GTS card - no more Nvidia Sentinel messages - and in reality is plenty powerful enough for the single GPU setup I have.


I'm still convinced this is an 'over-sensitivity' of some sort with the GPU and I don't believe my Corsair PSU was off spec or defective against the specs but clearly there was something the Nvidia G92 card didn't like about it.... maybe the ATX 'spec. is a bit loose in some respect or (more likely I reckon) the GPU is super - intolerant of something in the power delivery timing on startup / resume.

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