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No Video After installing New RAM


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Hello there all, was wondering if someone could help.

I purchased a Corsair CM2X1024 6400 (2x1GIG) today. My current 1Gig of Kingston RAM is in my DDR1 slot, so after reading the MB manual It told me to either install them into DDR1 and 2 or DDR3 and 4. I stuck them in 3 and 4, switched the PC on, which seemed to start booting fine, but no video on the monitor! I have an old CRT monitor which "clicks" on when it detects video, but that didn't happen. So I tried all kinds of different combinations (taking the old Kingston out and trying to run off the two corsair, swapping all three sticks around endlessly and still the same problem. Is it my BIOS? I recently downloaded what I think is F11 off the net. Hmm.

Any tips?

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