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HX620 connectors


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I have this weird problem that I hope I can explain properly. The orientation of the modular connectors that came with the HX620 seem to be upside down. Every one of them. So for example, the modular SATA cable with 3 connectors, I cannot use the farthest one first, instead I have to start with middle ones because I have to turn the connectors around 180 degrees and work my way down. This greatly reduced the length of the cable and I have trouble reaching my optical drives because I have a large tower case. This is the same with the 4-pin power connectors too.


I'd like to know if this is normal and if not, can I exchange all my modular cables with the correct orientation?

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Sorry for the late reply. I had to recharge the battery for my camera.:)


Picture 1 - Here is one showing the middle connectors facing outward when connected in the normal flow of the cable.


Picture 2 - I can't even just twist the middle connector around to connect to the 2nd drive. You can see the inside notch of the power connectors are upside down.


Picture 3 - Here showing I have to use the middle connector to connect to the 1st drive.


It's the same issue with the 4 pin power connectors.

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