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Vista 64 No USB Flash Detected


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I have 4 Vista computers currently, 2 with 64 bit Ultimate, 1 with business, and 1 with Home Premium.


I recently purchased an 8Gb Survivor and I have a handful of other Voyagers and other no name flash drives laying around. I cannot get any of these usb drives to be seen at all through any version of Vista. I don't get the normal error of drive not recognized, I don't even get the light to flash on the memory sticks.


Trying the Survivor first, the light never flashed, nothing came up indicating a new drive has been detected, I also looked into device manager while plugging the stick in to see if a change happened. I then tried the flash voyager and I also get no light on the stick itself and no indication that windows even saw it. I am able to access the survivor at work on an XP machine, but I need to get these to work at home.


I also reloaded one of the Ultimate machines from the ground up, while loading Vista I installed raid drivers on the Survivor which was detected while loading windows, but was not detected once I was to the main gui. I have used "drivecleaner" as indicated by some posts, I have also delelted the an instor file with no change.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The Ram Guy's post on Vista reads...


I would check this link as it seems to be a common issue with Vista


This seems to work as well.

Go to Local Disk ©, got to Windows, got to System32, go to Driverstore, go to Filerepository, go to usbstor.inf ( click the on that is newest), copy the usbstor.inf and usbstor.PNF files. After you have copied the two files go to Windows, inf folder and paste the files in that folder. Now your usb devices (flash drives, hard drives, ipods, etc.) should work.


...you shouldn't "delete" the "usbstor.inf" file!

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Thanks for the reply, but this did not fix my problem.

I believe that fix is for windows not finding drivers or giving a "unrecognized drive" error. I am not getting anything pop up on any vista machine I own when I install the memory stick. Again, no activity lights on the stick and no pop ups or attempts by windows to recognize the memory sticks.

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