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2x512mb TWINX C2 PRO with 2x512mb LL PRO


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Hi, i have this twinx ram about since 2 years, great rams, now i've bought another 2 sticks of 3200 XMS PRO LL, the ram dont work together, the bios didnt recognize one of the two pairs (showing only 1 gb), i' have set 2T and 2,80 DRAMVoltage.

The second pair of ram work fine alone, like the first pair, but not together.

The bios of my motherboard is updated (last bios installed), i've tried also to disable odd divisor and drm bank interleave, i've tried to put high latencies (like 3-3-3-9) but the problem persist.



Ps Ram are DDR1 PC 3200 400mhz

Someone can help me?


My motherboard is a DFI Lanparty NForce4 SLI DR with AMD 4000+ SANDIEGO.


I apologyze for my bad english, sorry guys.

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