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Faulty Flash Voyager 4GB ?


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I wanted to make my brand new Flash Voyager 4GB bootable using the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool. Now when I try to boot from the usb flash drive, BIOS gives me the following error message:

Invalid system disk
Replace the disk, and then press any key

Since another flash drive (Infineon 128MB) works fine using the same method, it can't be a problem with my BIOS / motherboard. I tried both FAT and FAT32 formatting. Is there something I'm missing here or is the flash drive really corrupted?

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Some times it will work and sometimes it will not work. But you can try using a Win9X Boot Floppy or CD and disconnect all HDD's and set the Flash drive as if it is a Bootable HDD in your MB BIOS and use FDisk to create and then format the drive with the /S command.
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