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Real Corsair Usb Drive Speed


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I want to buy Usb flash drive. But when I decided to buy Corsair Voyager, I read some forums and found out that your company sometimes change technology but do not change product name. It's great disappointment for me. And it was big surprise for me that you haven't published information about performance your usb drives.

Please tell me, what is the real average speed of your models today. It will be great if just fill in this table:

------------- Read Mb/s--|---Write Mb/s--|


Voyager GT


Survivor GT


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  • Corsair Employees

4 Gig FV will Write at about 2.2 Mbps and read at about 19.2 MBps.

We do not publish performance data on our flash products as they are subject to change with out notice. And no they will not the way they are made will determine the speed or performance. IE the controller used and if the Memory density is single or double density. And all 2,4 and 8 Gig GT models are no longer in production.
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