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Asus Striker II Formula, TWIN2X8500C5D


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I really need some help with the settings for these mem.


I got 4GB


Asus Striker II Formula

2 X Corsair Dominator TWIN2X8500C5D 2048MB, DDR2,2x1GB(KIT)

Intel QX9650


Im trying to run the CPU at 3.66GHz but and the memory as fast as possible


But with these settings I get blue screen sometimes

(Page Fault Found In A Non Paged Area)


Extreme Tweaker

Loadline Calibration-------------------------------[Disabled]

NVIDIA GPU EX-----------------------------------[Enabled]

SLI-Ready Memory-------------------------------[Disbaled]


Voltiminder LED----------------------------------[ON]

CPU LED Selection-------------------------------[CPU Volt]

NB LED Selection--------------------------------[NB Volt]

SB LED Selection--------------------------------[sB Volt]

ROG Logo---------------------------------------[Enabled]

ES Selection------------------------------------[Disabled]



System Clocks (Extreme Tweaker Sub menu)

PCIEX16_3 Frequency (MHz)----------------------[100]

PCIEX16_1 2 Frequency (MHz)--------------------[100]

SPP<->MCP Ref Clock, Mhz-----------------------[Auto]



FSB & Memory Config (Extreme Tweaker Sub menu)

FSB – Memory Clock Mode------------------------[unlinked]

FSB (QDR ), MHz---------------------------------[1333]

MEM (DDR, MHz----------------------------------[1066]



Memory Timing Settings (Extreme Tweaker Sub menu)





Commands Per Clock (CMD)-----------------------[2 clock]



**Advanced Memory settings**








Async Latency------------------------------------[AUTO]



Spred Spectrum Control (Extreme Tweaker Sub menu)

CPU Spread Spectrum---------------------------[Disabled]

SATA Spread Spectrum--------------------------[Disabled]

LDT Spread Spectrum----------------------------[Disabled]



Over Voltage (Extreme Tweaker Sub menu)

CPU Voltage----------------------------------------[1,293751]

CPU PLL Voltage------------------------------------[1,50]

CPU VTT Voltage-----------------------------------[1,30]

Memory Voltage------------------------------------[2,20]

NB Core Voltage------------------------------------[Auto]

SB Core Voltage------------------------------------[Auto]

1,2 HT Voltage-------------------------------------[Auto]

Bridge Core Voltage--------------------------------[Auto]

CPU GTL_REF Ratio--------------------------------[Default]

NB GTL_REF Ratio----------------------------------[Default]

DDR II Controller Ref Voltage-----------------------[DDR2_REF]

DDR II Channel A Ref Voltage-----------------------[DDR2_REF]

DDR II Channel B Ref Voltage-----------------------[DDR2_REF]



Over Clocking (Extreme Tweaker Sub menu)

CPU Internal Thermal Control---------------------[Disabled]

Limit CPU MaxVal--------------------------------[Disabled]

Enhanced C1 (C1E)------------------------------[Disabled]

Execute Disable Bit------------------------------[Enabled]

Virtualization Technology -----------------------[Enabled]

CPU Muliplier------------------------------------[11 X]

CPU N/2 Ratio-----------------------------------[Disabled]

Enhanced Intel Speed Tech----------------------[Disbaled]

LDT Frequency----------------------------------[5 X]

CPU CORE 2-------------------------------------[Enabled]

CPU CORE 3-------------------------------------[Enabled]

CPU CORE 4-------------------------------------[Enabled]

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No I have not tested that yes, I will do that, do I need to remove the dimms so I just have one mounted one at the time?

Or can I test them separately even if all the mem's are conneted to the board?



Another thing is that if I run prime95 for 30 min all seems to work just fine. I turn off prime95 but don't run any programs it will always crash after 20-30 min. So I wonder can it be a heat problem. Maybe some cooling for the memory will solve the problem??


If I run the FSB at 1066 instead of 1333 the system seems to be stable.

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Ok, thx, it says 2.1 V maximum. can I lower the voltage a bit and set 5-5-5-16 instead?


Can a higher FSB speed make the mem hotter?


The computer has been 100% stable (16 h) running at FSB 1066 but always crashes after 30 min -1h when using 1333.


Don't know if there where something special in the thread you where pointing at. have I missed something?

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I'm looking at the part you wrote about the FSB, I have a QX9650 but I use a Asus Striker II Formula and I "don't" have any


FSB Strap to Northbridge

FSB Frequency


I have


FSB – Memory Clock Mode---------------------[unlinked]

FSB (QDR ), MHz--------------------------------[1333]

MEM (DDR, MHz---------------------------------[800]


And when using FSB 1333 and mulitplier 9x (CPU 3GHz) then the system is unstable, I must lower the FSB to 1066 to get a stable system.


I can change the multiplier to 11 then to almost get 3GHz and it's still stable so what I can understand "al"l problems is with the FSB and 1333


Any tips how I can make the NB stable at 1333. this is the FSB this CPU should run at s0 I can't understand why it dosen't work I.



Set your Northbridge to 1.45V - 1.6V. I would not go higher than 1.55v personally.


Your north bridge has an internal clock speed and latencies just like your CPU and memory. The FSB of your north bridge can be found by dividing your original CPU multiplier by your set CPU multiplier and then multiplying by your FSB.


So if you are running a E6600 (266 * 9) at 400Mhz x 8 your NB FSB is:


(9 / 8) x 400 = 450Mhz FSB (1800Mhz Total)


Just like your memory may be able to run at 4-4-4-12 at 1000Mhz but needs to run at 5-5-5-15 at 1200Mhz, your north bridge has a series of latencies which it must adjust in order to maintain stability at its FSB. These latencies seem to play a far more significant role in system performance than memory latencies.


Intel has predefined specific latencies at specific NB FSB speeds. They are referred to as straps. There is a strap for when the NB FSB is 1066Mhz and under, 1333Mhz FSB and under, 1600Mhz FSB and under, ect. When you go from the 1066Mhz FSB strap to the 1333Mhz FSB strap, the north bridge's internal latencies loosen to allow for greater stability.


ASUS has redefined the NB strap so that the 1333Mhz FSB strap does not come into effect until 401Mhz FSB (1604Mhz). Other perimeters of straps are somewhat unknown.


There are 2 ways to beat the NB strap:


1. Boot to windows in the 1066Mhz strap and then use Clockgen to increase your CPU's FSB. You can then get to a much higher FSB while maintaining the 1066Mhz strap simply because the BIOS does not adjust the north bridge's latencies in real time.

2. Get a X6800 or QX6700 (or even a ES chip). To the north bridge, you are always at a default multiplier with a Extreme Edition processor. This allows you to set a much lower or higher multiplier without the NB FSB being effected.


CPU Ratio is the multiplier that when tied to the FSB gives you your speed. CPU Ratio = 9 and FSB = 266. 266 X 9 ~= 2.4Ghz which is the value of the Q6600/E6600. You overclock by raising your FSB. Many Extreme Edition CPUs have an unlocked multiplier and allow you to raise your FSB and your multiplier. Locked Core2 CPUs allow you to lower the default multiplier. Q6600/E6600 for example have a default multiplier of 9 and you can drop this to 8, 7, and 6 if you wish.


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More Research for you:





Download memtest from--->
and extract the ISO image. Burn the ISO image to an CD-ROM disk.

Enter your BIOS and make these changes.


Extreme Tweaker

CPU Level Up = Auto

AI Overclock Tuner = Manual

x Overclock Options = Disabled

FSB & Memory Config

CPU Level Up = Auto

FSB - Memory Clock Mode: Unlinked

x FSB - Memory Ratio: N/A

FSB (QDR), Mhz: 1333

MEM (DDR), Mhz: 1066

Memory Timing Setting

tCL: 5

tRCD: 5

tRP: 5

tRAS: 15

Command Per Clock = 2T

Over Voltage

CPU Voltage:1.45

Memory Voltage:2.05

1.2v HT Voltage:1.55

NB Core Voltage:1.4

SB Core Voltage:1.6

CPU VTT Voltage:1.45


Boot to Memtest v2.01. Use this version!



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In order to get the dominator ram on your board to function as it should you must go into


Extreme Tweaker

Loadline Calibration-------------------------------[Disabled]

NVIDIA GPU EX-----------------------------------[Enabled]

SLI-Ready Memory-------------------------------[Disbaled]


SLI ready memory, and set it to Extreame, this will reset your CPU FSB and memory timings, but you will notice that they are on auto to the specs given to run at. So reset your FSB for the CPU and the RAM to be linked at 1066 and your golden. :D:

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