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4G Flash Voyager - let me down badly


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After owning a 1G flash stick for years that had been dropped and even through a washing machine - i decided to get a larger 4G one

I opted for a Flash Voyager this time as it was Claiming to be shockproof and water resistant (extra security i thought) wrong, within two months it has let me down, just stopped working.

I have looked after it and and only used it about 20 times.

When i saw Corsair i thought "they are a well known memory company" and that was why i made my choice, but what a let down!

I have applied for an RMA, it is over a week and i still have not had a reply, i live in the uk and can not find any contact for the uk ?


It was bad enough losing two days work (i know it was my stupid fault i did not backup), but what has made things worse is reading the forum and even when people have been given an RMA there property seems to have gone AWAL after they have sent them off.


i was given a case number of: 440902 but never recieved RMA details.


the web site does not seem to work properly as the Flash Voyager i have is not listed in the options when applying for an RMA.


what a terrible service for a "big name company":mad:

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I have approved your RMA, please let me know if you do not receive the information! The flash drive will need to be sent to the US, but you can contact our customer service at 888-222-4346 and dial "0", (510) 657-8747 or email rmaservice@corsairmemory.com to see if any other options might be available for you to speed up the process.
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