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VX550 Fails


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I'm from Spain and I don't know english as much as I want, so I will try to explain my problem the best I can.


In November 2007 (4 months ago) I bought a Corsair VX550w PSU, and I thought that I was buying a very good PSU and there weren't any problem, all ran perfectly.


Last week, I was playing a game (World of warcraft, not very demanding with hardware), so suddenly the PC restarts, and from that moment, I was having random restarts that they happened more often when I play or do something instead leaving the PC on with no work.

I went mad searching for the problem, temperatures (was the 1st that I chek, but all were ok), bad conections, software, devices (cd readers, HD, etc)... but nothing, I wasn't able to find what made the PC to restart.


Last thursday I kept the computer on all night, but when I got up, I found the PC off, and I wasn't able to turn it on. All fans tried to start moving, but finally they didn't do anything.

Some friend give me a new PSU to try, and the computer runs perfectly with this PSU, with no restarts and no starting problems.


Finally, I checked the Corsair again, shorting the 2 pins (green and black) to see if PSU starts, and it starts, but makes a very low buzz.


Now I am speaking with the shop where I bought the PSU to tramit(?) the RMA and warranties, but I'm a little bit afraid if they check the PSU and runs well for them...but the truth is that it makes my PC to restart... :sigh!:


Well, thank you for reading and sorry about my english.



P.D.: I forgot... My Pc Hardware is:

Core 2 Duo E6750 @ 2,66Ghz

Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L

2x1Gb Corsair Value Ram 667

Sapphire Ati x1950pro 256mb ddr3

Seagate barracuda 320Gb

and 1 Dvd reader/writer

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  • Corsair Employees

There are 2 possibilities. One is that the PSU is tripping the "Over Current Protection" or "Over Voltage Protection" due to an out of spec signal from the motherboard. The second possibility is that there may be a bad component in the PSU.


Before having the PSU replaced, if possible, you may want to test it in a known working system. If it gives you the same issues, we would definitely want to have it replaced, however if there are no problems in another system, you may want to RMA the board.

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