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HX520W Does Not Power Up


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I installed a HX520W to replace the PSU that came with the Antec Sonata III case and it won't power up. I put the old PSU back in and everything works fine.


However though I tried the PSU functionality test posted here in forums and I was able to power up a test HD with the HX520W. I also double checked my connections to make sure everything was plugged in correctly.


Suggestions please!

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  • Corsair Employees

There are 2 possibilities. One is that the PSU is tripping the "Over Current Protection" or "Over Voltage Protection" due to an out of spec signal from the motherboard. The second possibility is that there may be a bad component in the PSU.


Before having the PSU replaced, if possible, you may want to test it in a known working system. If it gives you the same issues, we would definitely want to have it replaced, however if there are no problems in another system, you may want to RMA the board.

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