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4 GB of Twin2x2048-8500C5D G running at 800 MHZ?


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I have a dell XPS720 originally it had 2 GB of the same ram DDR2 1066 PC2-8500 RAM that ran at 1066MHZ when I bought it and than I bought 2 more gigs and installed them, and I have to use third party programs like Rivatuner to tweak my system becuase I have no bios support, and I noticed my 4 GB's of Corsair Dominator PC2-8500 C5 10066 MHZ are running at 800 MHZ. So I know my computers only recognizing them as DDR2 800. How can I make them run at 1066MHZ ? Is there any kind of program that would let me change the timings and mess around with its voltages? Also my bios is up to date on my Dell XPS 720.
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I have the same system and I purchased 2x1GB Dominator sticks from NewEgg.com (they ROCK).


Anyway it works PERFECT. I am running 4x1GB (the original 2GB that came installed and the 2GB I ordered from NewEgg) for a full 4GB of RAM in Vista64 at 1066 MHz.


There is a BIOS setting under memory which you have to make sure that it's set to "EPP/SLI". Press F2 when you restart. It seems that almost any time you make component changes, that it sets the memory setting back to 'Standard'. The ONLY way to get the memory to work at 1066 is to make sure it's set to EPP/SLI.


PS - I just recieved 2x2GB sticks from NewEgg and I am returning the 2x1GB sticks since I want to put in 6GB total. However one of the 2x2GB sticks are bad. I've tried the new 2x2GB one at a time and one boots and the other does not, so it's a bad stick :-( Now I have to RMA these as well, and I'm hoping the replacement set will be here tomorrow. I'll post and let people know how it goes.

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