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Corsiar and P5K Lifestyle worry


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Hi all,


This is my first ever build so I'm looking for an easy setup. My main worry is the RAM to go with my motherboard.


Which of these RAM will work best with the P5K Lifestyle mobo(dont't worry bout prices. They're expensive here but it's just to find out which will work)?






They say, for example CL5(5-5-5-12) whereas the corsair comaptibility checker would say C5(5-5-5-12), without the "L". Is the RAM different, or is it just a different naming convention.



If none of the RAM above is compatible with this board, can you point to some that is please. I'm so new to this.


Thanks in advance.

I'm sure your sick of questions like these and was wary of posting, but it had to be done.



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