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Nautilus 500 Ventilator not functioning?


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Hello dear Corsair consumers,:D:


I would like to know if it is normal that the ventilator/fan inside nautilus behind the screen with hioles is off. I switch from High to Low but nothing happens, it seems deade. Any idea?:confused::idea:


The light is glowing and the pump is working. I have tried different 3 pin fan connectors on the MB since I have 3 to test on, my motherboard is a P5KSE.

I don't know if the ventilator will activate when needed or is it just broken, and if so how do I replace it. I just bought this a few weeks ago and installed it today. Installed without any troubles, but this ventilator/fan thing.


Can anyone help me out, please?


Thanks in advance:!:

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Ok, THX that sounds great...

But the thing is that I live in Spain...by the time it has arrived and gets repaired maybe weeks will pass (even if it is sent inside Spain). If not, sending the case around the world...I don't think it will make any good to the nautilus...maybe then something breaks again...probably this happened during transport. The transport is terrible here too...I sometimes have to send back packages due to the bad transport.

I have used the online RMA request but I prefere repairing it myself if possible due to the terrible services we have here in Spain...Mañana, mañana...wich means tomorrow, tomorrow...and it's always tomorrow.

In the online RMA request they have asked me for a TSX Ticket #/ Forum Post ID # what do I have to put there?

I hate this, I am never lucky with these things..

Thanks for the fast reply!

Greetings from Spain

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Thank you RAM GUY,

I'll better get it checked because maybe some other things are not working correctly (maybe it's not only the fan) :mad:. So if I send it, do I have to send the whole thing with tubes, blocks, manual, retail box, etc? or only the Nautilus Case?:confused:

Thank you very much


P.S: I have filled the online RMA request

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I think my online RMA request didn't work..:(:

I'll do it again but before I would like to know what RAM GUY thinks about this, and if I have to send it all with box etc..or only the case.

Do they come and pick it up?:laughing: or do I have to send it myself...and if so where?:sigh!:

I am still thinking of opening the case and check if cables are right or just fan is broken (After seeing pictures of th inside, I think it can be done).

Do you still think I have to send it? or can I still repair it myself (I also have a friend who is Computer Technician)...Right now without the fan working on the Nautilus, my E6600 (without OC) is running on Idle at 45ºC and when on full load on game Crysis for example for 35min it can get up to 65ºC (not playing anything anymore) and the stock cpu fan is not working properly either. I am a very unlucky..:[pouts:


Thank you in advance

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