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RMA Approved - Packaging and replacement help


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I had my RMA form approved today and I just want some general answers.


I notice a lot of people are having problems with the CM2x1042-6400C4, I also noticed that it's not actually listed as compatbile with my EVGA 680i motherboard so maybe my motherboard was the cause of the problem.

Is it possible to have the paired modules replaced by a pair of modules known to work with the EVGA 680i motherboard (eg Cm2x1024-6400, I believe are 5-5-5-15) or does it have to be the exact same pair of modules?


Finally I am unsure on how to package my memory and which courier to use (I live in the UK).


-Will placing the modules in the plastic they came in, inside a jiffy bag (brown envelope with bubble wrap all on the inside) be sufficient?


-Is Royal Mail good enough as a courier to send all the way to the US? Or can someone else reccomend a better one?




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The 6400C4 modules are definitely compatible with your motherboard, just make sure you set the memory voltage to 2.1 volts. The packaging you suggest is fine, and Royal Mail will be fine as well, however I would suggest getting a tracking number and/or insurance on the package.
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