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Bad CM2X1024-6400C4


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I have 4 sticks of CM2X1024-6400C4 in my computer which have been running fine for about 6 months now. I have been running them at the listed 4-4-4-12 800MHZ 2.1 volts.


Two days ago I go to play a game and I get a BSD. Reboot and now windows says that "it has recovered from a serious error"


No big deal right? Well I go to reinstall windows and I get BSD's every time iI try.


So now I run memtest on each individual module. Two of the modules are fine and they show no errors. Of the other two, one of them doesn't even allow the computer to post and the other gives lots of errors with memtest.


Just for kicks I tried the other two moduals in both of the memory channels and I get no errors with memtest.


I am up and running fine now with only 2 sticks of CM2X1024-6400C4.


I'd like very much to RMA the other two sticks.


Thank you very much.

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