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memory unstable


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I have read a lot over the past few days about these issues. I have even asked tech support over at ASUS about the problem all they said was here is a list of memory that compatible with our mobo. I currently put together my new system a P5K-E wi/fi mobo and bought 2x1gb PC2 8500 of C***B****ix 1066mhz as they said it would work . I have even upgraded to the latest bios .have gone in and set it to 1066 as they state you should do .I have not done any other adjustments. Should I have ? .ASUS tells me to get the corsair modules as they claim have been tested on the P5K-E. I'm getting tired of swapping sticks .I am sending these back . From what I read I am not alone in this problem .Should I just stick to the 800mhz and be safe , or is there a 1066 module that is stable ? Any helpful insight would be appreciated.




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