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Tx 750 Psu ( Just A Happy Camper)


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Was going to get an Antect 850w psu it was sold out when I got to my local computer store. Wanted module psu but what was available was to expensive or not exactly what I was looking for.



Stumbled onto the Corsair PSU which actualy I did a little research on it but for the reason of not being out on the market long enough was not a consideration.


I did end up purchasing the TX750 watt to power my Maximus Formula Mobo and a 3870x2 gpu asus. This power supply is Extreamly Quite runs very cool and the over all fit and finish quailty is really good.


Now I have just installed this psu not even a week ago but backed up with a 5 year warranty and Corsairs overall good reputation I think this is a well under rated PSU.


Corsair hats off man you guys build good PSU and I will now have another option to consider in PSu when building some ones computer.


One question though how the hell do I register my psu with corsair??

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