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CFMUSB2.0-4GB transfering 2GB for 3 hours!!!


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I am an electrical engineer working in the oil field. When out in the field I need to rely on saved data and insuring I have a means to store data remotely from my systems. So far the Voyager has held up, but I am having the below issues...please understand ruggedness, reliability and a decent transfer speed are my critical specifications. Reliability is the most critical.


I have been having trouble with my Voyager lately. When I first bought it about 1.5 years ago it was pretty average with transfering data to/from.

I did notice it worked faster with larger single files than with smaller multiple files. This was OK, the minutes it took to transfer the data was tolerable. But recently I have notice a message when plugging it into my PCs. (Vista and WinXP). It tells me the drive would work faster if plugged into a 2.0 port. Well, I do not think my PCs have anything but 2.0 ports. And I never got that message before.


Also, I have been transferring about 2GB for the past 3 hours! Which is my real issue. Lately the transfer rates have slowed down to hours rather than minutes. Any advise on what I should do? I do not know if this is a warranty issue, or do I just need to buy another drive? I use this for work, so a working drive is more important than $$$ or the time to wait for it to get fixed/replaced.


Is there something I can do to fix this one?

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