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Noisy AirFlow fans


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I installed my dominator RAM (2 x 1Gb) about 12 months ago, along with the AirFlow fan unit.

Just before Christmas I started to get a typical fan bearing failing noise that I traced to one of the fans in the AirFlow unit. The noise only happened when the machine was first switched on, and only lasted for about 5 minutes.

I arranged a replacement via my supplier (had to send unit and RAM back as it was a kit) and received new kit a few days later.

All installed, powered up and there was silence, great I thought.

That was about 3 weeks ago. After about a week, the same noise stated to come back again, and its now as bad as before, if not worse!

Again it only lasts for about 5 minute when the machine is first switched on, but its loud enough to drownd out a phone conversation!

Could I just be unlucky and have received a faulty replacement?

Any advice would be apriciated.

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