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Will I have enough power for TEC


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Hello all,


I have a question regarding the load I will place on my Corsair HX620W PSU.


Currently, I have installed:


AMD Opteron 185 S939 @ 2750 MHz

Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe

XXXXXXX Redline XP4000 :p:

2x eVGA 8800GTS in SLI @ 621/1800 MHz

Creative X-Fi Extreme Music

3x Seagate Barracuda 250 GB 7200.10

2x Lite-On 20X DVD-R/RW

5x 120mm case fans

Zalman 9700LED


I am wanting to replace the Zalman cooler with the following TEC:




The TEC will certainly consume more power than the Zalman cooler, however, I'm not sure exactly how much. Will my Corsair HX620W have enough power to run my system with the TEC?


Thanks in advance.

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I doubt the HX620 would even notice the load.

Tech specs:




Be sure to read the entire article. A few have found that the peltier was assembled reversed with the hot side down. Worth checking before mounting to the cpu. Mine was fine. As a side note the 5.25" LCD display unit displays the temperature of the junction of the peltier, not the CPU temp. It's mainly useful for seeing if the Peltier is still working. It will start flashing red if the peltier fails. When running Prime95's large data set burntest on all four cores (each at 100% load) with a Q6600 for eight hours, cpu temp stayed at 47C. Idle cpu temp sits at 26-29C.

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