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i buyed 4 sticks. but 1 stick is bad part


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well, in december 07, i buyed 4 sticks, 2 pairs of the same type of memory spec.

when i build my pc in jan, i test each memory stick separatly, and detected a bad part. i tested this bad part in every slot too.

just one have problem.

the store that i buyed from it's the PC Club, and the memory has lifetime warranty.

i live on Brazil, and this week i'll have money to send the bad part to your labs, or wherever you want.

i'm very happy with my memorys, and i'd just like to receive a new stick.

what i do?

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  • Corsair Employees
If you live in Brazil it may be more convenient for you to exchange the modules directly with your reseller. If this is not an option, please fill out the RMA request form above and check the box that says "I have spoken with Ramguy" and we will be happy to replace them for you!
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