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MSI Pm8m-v with 2 x ddr 256 geheugen


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Dear RAM guy,


I have a computer with Pm8m-v motherboard.

The 2 memory I have are from a Value Select pack of 2 x 256 kb.

The latency is 2.5.


When I put one memory in any of the slots, the computer works fine, just have only 256 kb of memory, but when I put both of them in, the computer freezes at random. Approx. 5/10 minutes after reboot.


I havent run Memtest yet, cause I think its because the memory need of 2.6 volt, and the motherboard is set at 2.5 volt.

I searched in the bios to change it but couldn't find it anywhere where I could change it.


Do you know how I would be able to change this?

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