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HX series +12V current


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I have the irritating problem with my Nvidia 8800 GTS (G92) card reporting that it is getting insufficient power etc. when I go into / out of standby.


This card only has a single 6 pin PCI-E connector. According to the packaging it needs a 400W PSU minimum in non-SLI configuration (600W recommended) with 26 Amps at +12V. The HX620 offers triple 12V rails at 18A each with "Advanced circuitry design that automatically enable power sharing between the triple +12V rails in the event of overload on any single +12V rail"


Now, if the 8800 GTS is drawing 26 Amps at a certain point in its power up / down cycle (ie when the fan briefly ramps up? - just a guess...) could it be the HX620 isn't responding fast enough?


To be fair, there are lots of systems out there that appear to be exhibiting this issue and the common factor in all combinations seems to be the Nvidia card rather than the PSU or motherboard. A lot of people are suggesting it is an Nvidia driver issue. I am lobbying them (& XFX who make my card) too.


I see the TX series of PSU for instance are marketed on the basis of their 'dedicated single +12V rail' that offers 'compatibility with the latest components'. Hmmm!


Lots of speculation I know but I - and many others - want to resolve this glitch. The HX PSU is beautifully quiet & well-made but if it hasn't got the muscle for a single 8800 GTS, then it's toast.


Any feedback from Corsair?


PS Are the TX series as quiet as the HX? (I know they are not modular cabling).

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it's a random problem and it's not just Corsair PSU's. I had a HX620 for a short while and never had that problem with my new 8800GTS (G92). For some strange reason it only seems to be Nvidia G92 based cards. I think I read that Nvidia has got theis fault to show up for themselves and is looking into it ATM.


I certainly don't think it's anything to do with Corsairs or any other companies PSU's though it is random it's more common than most folks would like. I hope it gets sorted out quickly for you (and others with this problem) as there is nothing more frustrating than buying good or high end products and not having them function as they should. At least it's happening enough to draw Nvidia's and other PSU/motherboard companies attention enough to look into it so there should be a fix soon one would think.

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