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3 bad sticks of RAM


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Hello Ramguy,


I am in need of getting RMA Warranty service for 3 sticks of bad Corsair ram replaced.


I have tested each stick of ram in multiple PCs by themselves and all of them come back as defective when tested with the MemTest86+ program on 2 different PCs.


These were ram chips I had in several different PCs.


I have not had time to request warranty service on them.


The ram is all the VS512MB400 - this is the 512 meg DDR 400 ram.


I have verified both systems I have tested these on is all running the default voltage. Also both test systems work fine with other ram I have put in them for testing.


I would like to work to get these replaced via RMA if possible.


Is there anything else I would need to verify to apply for RMAs for these? Or additional troubleshooting steps?


Thank you very much for assistance!


If any additional information is needed please let me know thank you.

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