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p5k-e/wifi and TWIN2X2048-6400


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when i run memtest in single channel, i don't get errors. but in dual channel i do. just wondering if my psu is enough for my setup? or could my chipset drivers be damaged or something?


already started rma, but i was just wondering. just in case i have the same problem when i get my replacement set of ram.

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should i get a new motherboard then?


If you find that the issue repeats after a DRAM RMA, and I personally think it will, then RMA of the motherboard is the option I would personally choose. I have installed many of the P5K-E and have seen this result a few times. RMA of the board was the route I took.


Try this first:



Download CPU-z from Here


  1. Turn the computer off

  2. Turn the Power Supply Switch off

  3. Remove the Power Supply Cord

  4. Remove the CMOS Battery

  5. Set the CMOS_CLR jumper to the "ON" position

  6. Press the Computer On Button and hold for 10 seconds

  7. Remove the DRAM and insert into Slot 2 and 4

  8. Inser the CMOS Battery

  9. Set the CMOS_CLR jumper to the "OFF" position

  10. Insert the Power Supply Cord

  11. Turn on the Power Suppy Switch

  12. Turn the Computer on

  13. Enter the BIOS

  14. Load Setup Defaults

  15. Save Setup Defaults


Enter Windows and run CPU-z. Post the CPU/Memory and SPD tabs here.

You can use Photobucket Here to upload the graphics.

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is this normal?


p5k-e +12v = 11.34v (i've seen it as low as 10.??v)


p5e-vm hdmi +12v = 12.04v


could the low voltage on the p5k-e have something to do with the memory problem/bsod's. i just purchased the p5e-vm hdmi and let it run all night and no bsod with the same memory sticks that were used it the p5k-e. so should i cancel my rma on the memory and rma the motherboard?

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your 12v should never go low as 10v! But the readout mobos give isnt accurate. Only true way to test volts is with a Multimeter. If you know someone who knows how to use one-test the 12v that way. If it is really going to 10v then yes that will be a big problem.


If the memory is running fine in one board, and not the other. The ram isnt bad.

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