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Corsair 9136C5D with Asus Striker Extreme Problem


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I've had this setup for about 9 months now. Everything worked wonderfully. I started getting instability for a week now. Crashing burning dvd's, playing video files, etc. Couldn't solve the problem so reinstalled Vista from scratch and on the 4 reboot or so after installing drivers and updates, my system no longer POST. Just long beeps. The LCD in the rear gets stuck on RAM DET. Tried a spare stick I had lay'n around and that boots up and allowed me to write in this forum. I did try just one stick at a time and neither would boot.


I was running this 1:1 by the way. Here was my setup.


E8400(recently upgraded) @ 3.6 watercooled 400x9 - Ram running @ 800mhz 4-4-4-10-2t @ 2.1v with Dominator Fan.

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