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OC'ing xms 8500c5

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First of all, no matter what I do to the voltage/ ram ratio I can not get these to run at their tested speeds even with the tested settings. My motherboard is MSI K9A2 Platinum.


Ok, since that's my restriction, how far can I push this ram at DDR2-800 as far as timings go? Can increasing voltage help in achieving lower timings? I'm currently at 400mhz FSB:DRAM 1:2 CL 4 tRCD 4 tRP 4 tRAS 12 tRC 20 CR 1T. These are the only ones I have a decent understand of their limits with and refuse to adjust others until my ignorance has subsided. I also understand adjusting most of these will not get me AMAZING results, but most of the games I play are older and depend mostly on RAM speed/CPU clock and fsb. Just shooting for 100fps + on any game I want to play.

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