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2GB DDR2 not functioning


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Hello! I have a windows xp media center edition and an asus motherboard. I recently bought two corsair memory 512 ddr2 sticks. Whenever I put both of them in my computer does not boot correctly. If I have just one of them in, either one (I've tried both) it loads up fine. I ran the memtest and here is a bit of the results.


Pass 0%

test 14%

test #2 [moving inversions, ones & zeros]

Testing: 116k-2048M 2047M

Pattern: 00000000




Waltime: 0:03:06- cached: 2047M- rsvdMem: 1400k- memmap: e820-std- cache: on- ECC: off- Test: Std- Pass: 0- Errors: 845824- Ecc: (blank)- Errs: 0


And the entire bottom screen is a sea of red.


I updated the bios recently, but what else must I do to be able to have the 2GB of ram working?

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