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Optimal settings for 4GB kit (2x CM2X2048-6400C5)

C. Zoui

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On the heatspreader of each stick says:

CM2X2048-6400C5 1.90V ver3.1 on the left

5-5-5-12 800MHz 2048MB XMS2-6400 on the right


I know the sticker says it needs 1.9V, but Memtest86+ v1.70 detects no errors after 7 passes when run at the stock 1.85V. Running @ 1.9V also passed 7 times with no errors. I will probably leave it on 1.9V.


What else should I change? Here are the relevant settings on my Abit AN-M2 mobo (which I notice is not supported):


In this shot the only thing I've adjusted is the DDR2 Voltage (all other values are the same as they were by default).



Here you can see the BIOS is telling me that the actual DD2 Voltage is 1.92V. This value never fluctuates or flickers. It doesn't ever go to 1.9V, only 1.92 it would seem. Is it okay to give your RAM more voltage than it asks for by this small amount?



Here is the top of the DRAM menu options. Should I change only Min. RAS Act-Time(Tras) from 18 Clocks to 12 Clocks?



Here is the bottom of the DRAM menu options. Is there anything I should change here?



Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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