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Corsair survivor 16 GB VIRUS


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I seen this thread dealing with my same issue, but decided to start my own.

Original thread here: POST ID # = 327568



Anyways, so i just got my 16GB survivor today, plug the bad boy in (grinning from ear to ear while doing so ofcourse)...and WTF...my NOD32 AV starts throwing a hissy fit. I figured it was something to do with the true crypt. But then i look at it and its for a batch file and a seperate autorun.inf file.....WTF :mad:


Not only was there the autorun.inf and q83iwmgf.bat files that ran across all four of my partitions...there was some BS trying to connect to some onlinegames.somethingorother.com site crap. Then after my heart sunk and the caffiene really kicked in, took some preventative measures, tried to clean up a bit....rebooted and now i was having a startup issue and error message when XP was loging me on.


I dont remember the exact error message, but basically it derived from (i can only assume given what just happened) a file dropped on my system b/c of the flash drive or the internet connection that was quite possibly made. Ended up being kuma.exe or kuva.exe..i cant remember now..

It was located in system32 folder. After it was removed the system started fine.


So..aside from the autorun.inf, q83iwmgf.bat, a unauthorized internet connection and file mysteriously being put onto my PC and making it run like crap...i think i might be calling quits with corsair products.


Formated the drive and kept having problems...had to use my backup image cuz stuff was still lingering.


Everything "seems" normal now....after a system restore image and USB formatting....:!:






Fresh and clean XP Pro SP2 with updates as recent as last 4 days ago.

NOD32 AV with latest signature


Digits on the drive....



others...ask me


Info obtained from nirsofts USBdeview utiliy:

Corsair UFD USB Device

Serial: AA30400000000004

Vendor ID: 1b1c

Product ID: 0a10



Fully sealed blister packaging and purchased from sureneeds dot com



Im glad i can image my drives from backups :sigh!:





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Hmmm...i guess that about sums it up.


How bout you guys trade me my once infected 16GB survivor for a 16GB voyager GT that should be rolling out soon if it hasnt already...then i wont stray to *******. ;):

LOL..i luv how thier name gets axed. ROFL!!!

I am an American *******. Funny:p:


You'd keep me as a loyal Corsair customer that ive been for years now....and i wont go knocking the Corsair name and your practices...considering the issue was admitted and i highly respect that in a company nowadays.


email me if you'd like to talk privately about the offer :laughing:


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can i ask why no one has simply put this in big bold letters somewhere ....


"until further notice, before first connecting your new device, turn off autoplay features in windows, then connect and immediately format your new drive"



as, unless i have misread something, this will stop it infecting the host pc !

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