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1 GB corsair flash voyager getting hot and not working


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I am experiencing a problem with my corsair flash voyager 1GB (after one year of use without any problem).


Last tuesday, when I plugged it into a computer, i had a message from window$ "Problem while installing the device". I unplugged it and tried again in another USB port, but I couldn't get nothing. Since then and until now, when I plug it into any USB port of any PC, I get nothing (under linux, lsusb doesn't show anything apart from my keyboard and wifi adapter) and the drive is getting hot.


What can I do ? Is my USB key dead ?


Thanks for help,


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Hi again.


I'm really sorry, but I had no stable address, no internet connection, and no phone for more than two months.


Now it's OK, but my postal address has changed. Do I need to ask another RMA so I can send back my key ?


Many thanks.

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