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P5e + Cm2x1024-6400c4


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Build a new machine and it's not stable @all:(:

updated bios to the latest, already tried different memory settings but nothing helps, memory errors just keep coming. set voltage 1.8-2.2 still errors. running those memory sticks on a gigabyte P35 mobo everything is ok.

Am I doing something wrong or what setting should I try? doesn't matter if settings are auto or set manually, it always ends up with errors on this P5E mobo:mad:

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revert back to older bios.

My sticks worked till bios 0201, afterwards all bioses bad with my memory.

Got 2 pairs, 1 set new, 1 set 2 years old, both same problems.

With my asus p5b no probs whatsoever.

cant revert to older bios because of E8400. got 2x2GB PQI or Apacer or whatever RAMs now and everything works just fine. I dont understand those asus guys:sigh!: why dont they just fix the problem

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