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My EVGA 680i does *NOT* detect SLI


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On my board, I tried putting both pairs back in and setting to 800 instead of the 1200 they are (individual pairs) rated at.


My QX6850 is still at 10x multiplier (10% OCd, so at 3.3MHz), and the FSB is still at 1666 (or whatever the normal high value is).


With this, I managed to pass the Vista Memory Test.


However, I received 2x BSODs within 8 hours while playing Quake -- the # is "MEMORY_MANAGEMENT".


Personally, I think these are not related to the memory itself, but to a problem with Vista 32-bit with 4G.


NOTE: My EVGA 680i does *NOT* detect SLI memory as present as soon as I put all 4 sticks in....


Is this normal?


Is it possible the BSODs are related to the RAM itself, even though it passes the Vista MemTest?


Should I leave the voltage at 2.1 or 2.2?


What about the 5-5-5-12: I have reset it to "Auto" as part of testing for the BSODs.

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The timings should be 5-5-5-15 and set the TRC to 24 and set the command Rate manually to 2t and I would set the NB/MCH Voltage to +.05 Volts and see if that helps, but if you don't get errors in memtest then its more than likely just the settings you need to play with or a driver issue..
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