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2 sets TWIN2X2048-6400C4 .. but v2.1 and 4.3?!?


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Can 2 different revisions (v2.1 and 4.3) combined, give errors ?


About a week ago i ordered 2 sets of TWIN2X2048-6400C4 here in holland after having some bad experiences with another brand ( yeah i know.. i should've sticked with corsair ).

I installed the sticks, my pc kept silent so i took out memtest.

I put in 1 stick and booted up (yay!) configged the mem in the bios (4 4 4 12 @ 2.1v) and then tested every stick, seperately in every slot. all succesfull. But when paired them up as sets (not mixing them up ofcourse) memtest began to give errors.

So after close inspection i found out that one of the sets is v2.1, and one of 'm is v4.3. Ehm... why didn't i see that ?

Eventually, with all the sets in the motherboard i could find 1 specific memory order placement so i could get the mobo to get through post. But memtest gave errors.

Now the machine runs flawlessly on just the v4.3 sticks. Errors on the v2.1 sticks so i send them back to the store asking to return to me another set of v4.3.

Now i wonder, is it normal to get errors when you mix versions ?


Thanks for your comments!



i think its rather clumsy of them to send me 2 sets with different versions, or are both still produced ?

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Its possible that 2 different revisions of the same part would not function properly together, it is also possible that you may have to tweak some settings in your BIOS when running 4 modules in order to run the memory at DDR800. To check to see if there is indeed a compatibility issue then test the system with the memory frequency set manually to DDR667. If the system becomes stable then you may need to overclock the motherboard in order to run all four modules at DDR800.
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