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Slow 8 Go Flash Voyager drive


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I bought a 8 Go Flash Voyager and I've been surprised so find it quite slow.

After some tries, I tested it using the Flash Memory Toolkit.

The result is a maximum of 6 Mo/s in write speed and 15 Mo/s in read speed, far less than what it was supposed to be.:confused:

Could you give me the standards speeds which can be really expected with this drive?

The theorical speeds seems to be about 20 Mo/s in write and 30 Mo/s in read.

I'm also owning an other flash drive from an other company and it's running at 24 Mo/s in write and 32 Mo/s in read so there is no problem linked to the computer I'm using.:sigh!:

I wish you to enlighten me on that problem.

Thank you.

Have a nice day.:sunglasse

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Thank you a lot for your fast answer:biggrin:. As I thought, this is not a technical problem. This is just a bad use of their name to sell really slow drives:(:. Before purchasing this key, I read lot of tests and I was trusting this famous company, as an owner of their Dominator memory modules.

Netherless, they seem not to be as frank on their USB drives as on their memory modules:mad:.

This is astonishing to see that such thing.

I'm so wondering what to do because I can suppose that if I do a RMA request, my drive would be replaces by an other one as slow.:sigh!:

I'm so asking to the staff of this forum what's the next step to follow.

I hope I would'nt need to take an other brand.:sigh!:

Have a nice day.:biggrin:

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  • Corsair Employees

Well no that is not the case, the industry is moving to MLC technology and we are forced to do that same to keep the price in line with other products on the market. Because of the industry move the older SLC technology drives are getting more expensive to make and still suffer size limitations.

And they have indeed slowed down from a few years ago, but the size of the drive has increased.

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:roll: Goodness...you're beginning to sound like that old comedian Flip Wilson who used to say, "The Devil made me do it". Take some responsibility for having dumbed down your product and then sold it under the same name...it simply wasn't a good move and certainly not what we've come to expect from Corsair...please LISTEN to these posts...these are people who expected more from you. If you really want them all to believe that Corsair will just follow the industry into mediocre performance then I guess your headed in the right direction, but if you have some pride in being a leader in the industry, then stop saying all those other guys made you do this...:roll:
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very short sited post!


buyers goes to newegg, sees 8gb flash drives for $60. 99% of the buyers ONLY see 8gb =$60 no more. They see corsair (fast drive you want) 8gb $100. Which do you think the customer will buy huh? i know which the $60. Face the fact most dont need the flash drive to move at blistering speeds. They use it for mp3 players, moving small amounts of data, important files to take to work, spread sheets. Point is the FEW small segment that WOULD buy the uber expensive fast flash drive just inst enough to justify it. Enthusiest are a super small percent of this buisness.


So to keep up in the prices of the lower speed, higher density mem sticks on the market they too have to up the gb and lower the mhz. Its buisness, you need to keep up or you get run over. Its sad yes, but it is a fact of buisness.


If this was sold as high speed memory youd have a point. But its not. You can be sure that reviews of the new models will show the speeds. You just got caught in a tech transition and feel you were scammed. You werent it was just bad timing. Been there myself at one time or another. Suck it up and move on is all you can do.


If they do offer the fast stuff again, they will have to keep selling this too as only a tiny few would pay more for the speed. Id rather more gb then faster transfer on a "mobile storage device". Its not critical it moves at super fast speed to do what I want. It is important though that it can hold all the files one needs. Do a poll I bet most want more gb on a flash drive over faster speed at a much higher cost with less gb.


Faster-$70 4gb

Slower-$60 8gb


Ill take the later, most would. Now if it was internal mem Id take the faster, but its a flash drive sheeeeeeeesh.

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You've missed the point...if you say that most of the market doesn't care about speed...OK, I'll accept that. I'll even accept that Corsair has to play at the mid to low end of the market to retain market share. The point is that when you dumb down a product, you need to change its name to avoid confusion. They should have created a "Voyager LE" and lowered the price accordingly. To your point, most buyers wouldn't care that it was an "LE" version, they'd just buy the lower priced drive...but those who would care, that might even be attracted to the "Corsair" name for performance, would know that the drive was different. My friend, open your eyes! Why do you think that there have been so many "USB Roundup Reviews"? Why does nearly every shopping website provide reviews? It's precisely because there is a portion of the market that IS performance driven...Corsair knew this and produced the "Voyager GT" (that was to their advantage, the name alerted buyers to enhanced performance and Corsair charged more for it) conversly, when they dumbed down the "Voyager" it should have become the "Voyager LE".

By the way, it's "short sighted" not "short sited" :roll:

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if you say that most of the market doesn't care about speed...OK, I'll accept that. I'll even accept that Corsair has to play at the mid to low end of the market to retain market share. The point is that when you dumb down a product, you need to change its name to avoid confusion.


ok thats a good point, BUT thats not corsair tech department thats marketing and we KNOW how marketing is! So ya I agree corsair marketing dropped the ball on that one.


My friend, open your eyes!


they are, or how could I read your post? You think Im not aware, yet I made plenty of points, and you agreed with some of them yet too? lol.


By the way, it's "short sighted" not "short sited

Thanks I TOTALLY DIDNT KNOW THAT! LOL. BTW its called typing fast cause I have a life, not like I read my posts over and over again. If it were a review or a letter or anything of importance Id care. Stick to the subject please.

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Well, thank you for your answers:biggrin:. As you could guess, I'm not searching only a wide Flash memory but also a fast one. The fact is I'm a developper programming on different PC's that's why I'm carrying a Linux OS on the key where I have all my data recorded. I allows me to get everytime and everywhere the latest version of some projects and not to care of the version of softwares on the host pc. As you can easily imagine, the key speed is critical to have an efficient job.:sigh!:

I have been really deceived by the present key, but as there isn't any real technical problem, the only solution seems to buy an other one (it's not really cheap...).:[pouts:

I would take a GT version if a coulf be sure that they were not slowed for a marketting reason:sigh!:. Some brands appears not to have any problem with capacity and speed (I'm thinking of Patriot...)

I would really be happy if it was mentionned something like Voyager LE. I easily understand that some people are just needing a 8 Go key and that they are not in a hurry but this is not my case.

Thank you for helping me.:biggrin:

PS : despite a driver is not required on XP SP2, does the use of a specific one be able to faster the key?:idea:

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  • Corsair Employees

This was posted previously in another thread but I would suggest using the GT version of our dive if you need the best performance.


Posted By Ram Guy

No that is not the case its not all about price. It is price driven yes but the industry is moving to MLC based controllers because of the cost and limitations of size. Because of the industry wide move this has made the cost of making a SLC based flash drive 2 to 3 times of making a MLC based drive. While I understand your feelings its not a bait and switch the whole flash community is moving that direction and we have to stay competitive.

Please contact our customer service and see if there is anything they can do to help you. 888-222-4346 Ext "0"

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