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Another Striker Extreme / Domminator 8500 thread...


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Hi all, I'm sorry for bringing this up again and making a new thread as I can see there've been a few!


I've gone through as many of the different configurations as I can see already suggested and I'm still having absolutely no luck with it.


BIOS sees 4GB of RAM, no problem. The auto settings are picking it up as 1066MHz, but it's not seeing it as SLi Compatible (which meant I wasn't able to tweak that particular setting as suggested). I've been playing with voltages, timings, clock speeds etc and I can't get it working and to be perfectly honest, I'm getting really depressed with €2000's worth of dream PC sitting there gathering dust for the last 2 months :(:


Any thoughts or suggestions welcome - I'm about ready to sell the RAM and get properly compatible stuff.

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