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620HX dead?


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Hi, I recently built a system (which i think you can see in my profile. the card is 512MB btw, forgot to put that in). I built it and powered it on and installed the OS (vista ultimate x32). Worked great the first night.


The next day when I had to move my PC around to fit in my speaker set, it took a little while to powerup the mobo after hitting the PSU on switch. It came on again and I started up my computer again. Then I wanted to add in an HDD from my old system to transfer files and I did. But when I flipped the psu power switch again it wouldn't power the board or anything. I jiggled the main power cord and tried again, it turned on.


I then positioned my machine into it's place at my desk and tried to turn it on one last time, but the board would not turn on at all until I jiggled the main power cord. I thought maybe a power connector wasn't plugged in all the way, but I checked and everthing was in correctly. The thing finally just wouldn't turn on at all no matter how much I jiggled the back cord. I then disconnected everything except the mobo from the PSU and still no luck.


I opened up my old alienware to plug that system's psu into the board to test to see if it was another piece of hardware in my machine. The mobo powered up instantly every time I flipped the alienware's power switch so I figured the 620hx was faulty and rma'd it back to newegg.


Now I came here to ask about this because I am a very new PC builder (this was my first custom system). Is it possible that by plugging in something incorrectly that I broke the power supply so it wouldn't even supply power to the mobo's LED light when turned on? I don't want to break another powersupply when I get the new one if this is the case. I didn't plug in any component's power connectors to PSU connectors that wouldn't fit...but I'm still new at this and don't have someone to help me in person.


Thank you.

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