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should i submit an RMA?


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note : this isnt for my pc, it is for my girlfriends (so the pc info on my profile wont match!)


i am having an issue with some twinx2048 8500c5d memory that i bought on newegg. everything with the pc boots and works fine (that i can see), but during any sort of install process (MS office, WoW, anything at all really) i keep getting failed CRC checks and other install related issues.


at first i thought it was the HD, so i replaced the old IDE drive with 2 brand new SATA drives. the same errors continued after installing windows and everything else on the new drives. i thought maybe it was the optical drive, so i used mine to reinstall everything. that also didnt work. i thought maybe the windows cd itself was bad and was corrupting the windows installer program, so i downloaded the 3.0 version and installed it but that didnt help either.


i was grasping at straws until i remembered that i had a copy of memtest86 laying around. i plopped in the cd and booted up and starting getting errors about 55% through the first pass. i let it run all night and ended up with 13k+ errors lol. i tried testing each chip separately. one chip is definitely the culprit. i ran both for 2 hours individually. 1 produces errors every pass, the other produces none.


i also tried running both chips in my pc (since i have had no issues since i built it january of 07). i get the same results in all 3 variations of testing. both chips, lots of errors. one chip is fine alone, one chip is error ridden alone.


is there anything left for me to try before i submit an RMA?


do i need a receipt or anything to prove i bought the chips from newegg?


oh and one other question, since these are a 'matched pair', will there be any issues returning just one, or will i need to return both?


thanks for the help in advance!



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the voltage is indeed set to 2.1v and the errors are still there. currently that pc is running with just one module in place (the one i did not receive errors on) and so far it runs fine. no more random crashes, no more bad installs. i submitted an RMA last night, and just sent a reply to a question they had for me. hopefully tomorrow i will be able to exchange these modules for some error-free ones :)



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