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PCI-E connector for 8800GTS


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I am thinking of getting a BFG 8800GTS G92 512MB card and see that it has a 6 pin power socket.

My HX620 has the 'old' 4 pin power connectors, where can I get either a proper 6 pin power cable to plug into the PSU, or, an adaptor to change the 4 pin to a 6 pin, or a molex to a 6 pin plug ?

A proper 6 pin cable would be preferable rather than adaptors.............but hey, beggars can't be choosers....:D:

Oh, and how much are either likely to be ?

Many thanks.

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The HX620 should have included 2x modular 6-pin or 6+2-pin PCIe connectors for graphics cards.




If you did not receive these cables you can email Ramguy@corsairmemory.com with the subject line ATT: Ramguy, and be sure to include your name, phone number and address, along with your request. Otherwise call Corsair customer service directly at 888-222-4346 and press "0" to request the cables.


Your new video card should include a dual molex to PCIe power adapter cable. However it will reduce cable clutter to use the correct cable. :D:

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Many thanks..................I should have checked in my 'cable bag' (or the manual) first before asking the question...:o:

I've not looked in the bag since I installed it in Sept 2006 :D: and indeed I have the double ended 6 pin cable.


So, I am all set then.........:D:

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