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VX450W PSU Starts fans and drives but computer doesn't start


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I recently (yesterday) bought a VX450W PSU to replace my old, loud, and weak one. I installed it without a hitch and started up my computer. It booted fine, like I knew it would.


The problem occurs when I woke up this morning. I turned on the computer and I hear the fans start, but nothing else. The fan (I beleive it is the PSU fan) begins pulsating between fast and slow. I turned it off, waited a minute and turned it back on. All the fans began running at high and continued to stay high. The computer didn't turn on again.


This continued for about 10 tries, randomly pulsating or staying at high speed. Finally, on one of the start-up, the computer booted up.


When the computer is running, there are no wierd sounds and the fan doesn't pulsate. The only time the fan has reached high speeds (while the computer was running) was when I did a stress test on the system. It performs excellent, if the computer starts.


I went through the support thing and it said to send it in. I don't think it's that much of an issue to send in (since it does "work", just not all the time) that I decided to ask here.


Any ideas on what to do or what is wrong?


Thanks in advance,






As of now, it hasn't had this problem for the last couple boots, but I would still like to know why it was doing so.


I also found it had more of a chance of booting up if my case was on it's side (maybe just pure luck, or maybe it has something to do with it, I don't know).


Again, thanks for the help.

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The system was made by Compaq (HP) and I have been upgrading it since.


The motherboard detailed specs are here:



It doesn't mention anything about power supplies.


I can't get it to do the fan thing anymore (the past couple days and 30+ reboots) and I tried it on a different computer and it all seems fine.


I asked a tech friend of mine and he said it could have been anything acting up, which would produce those symptons. If it happens again, Ill post back. If I find out what was causing it, I'll include that as well.


Thanks again for all the help.

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Propriatary PSU's are a thing of the past. Last I checked they all switched to standard atx psu's on desktops (workstations and servers may still use them). It wasnt that long ago though that they used special wiring configs so you had to buy a psu from them.




I had that EXACT thing on a older s939 board. It had a "cold boot bug" where sometimes, especially if really cold in winter it would hang and not even try to post, hitting the reset would make it go though or just powering on again. Its prob the mobo causing it and nothing to worry about.

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