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System freezes with XMS 6400


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Hello RAM Guy,


My problem is as follow. I currently have a kitof the TWIN XMS 6400 ram for a total of 2 GB, filling two of my DIMM Slots. For my birthday I bought myself another kit from Newegg. Now I placed those modules in the remaining two DIMM slots and my system would boot up fine. The problem is, after a few minutes of interacting with the system, it would lock up and I would be forced to reboot. I took the new set I bought out of my computer and it is running fine. I believe my system defaulted the RAM to 5-5-5-18 if that has anything to do with the system locking up.


I am able to enter Bios, but I don't understand how to fully set the timings. From bottom to top the list is; tCL, tRP, tRAS,tRRD,tRC,tWR,tWTR,tREF, and CMD.


If you could tell me what I need to set each of those to to get the 5-5-5-12 timing


My specs are,

MSI P6N 650i SLI Platinum

Intel Q6600 CPU

OCZ GameXtreme 700 W PSU

EVGA 8800GTS 640

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With 4 modules DDR667 would be suggested and only set the timings and Voltage that was listed, any setting that was not listed should be set to Auto or BIOS default and with 4 modules I would set the memory Voltage to 2.0 Volts as well.
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