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CM2X1024-6400 Bad Parts


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I recently purchased 2 sets of the 1 gig paired ram from newegg.


I had friends tell me corsair was great so i figured i would give it a try. I recieved the shipment and put in the first set of sticks. Replacing my existing memory.


Turned on the computer and it booted up fine.


Then i added the second set. And computer tried to boot up and then got blue screen.


So i took out that pair and restarted. The computer had to go through some error checking and finally booted up.


Removed the first pair replaced them with the second pair. Turned on comp same thing blue screen.


Removed the pair of ram, put the other ones in, and comp had to go again through the error checking. Went to newegg, and even though the ram was rated 5stars, when i clicked on the lowest rating to see what people were saying it seems that pretty much everyone is getting at least a bad stick of ram when purchasing this product. I clicked on and read all of the 1-3 star ratings and every single one was because of getting bad sticks of ram.


I briefly looked at the 4-5 star ratings and it was the same thing, still more bad ram. The overall reviews came from 725 or 625 (cant remember now) and after looking at all the reviews up at least 300-400 were from bad ram. I dont know how if its having this many problems it is rated at 5 stars but it is.


I dont really know what to say i thought corsair was suppose to be really great ram. I really didnt think this would be an issue.

and now i dont really know what to do.


Do i RMA to newegg? or corsair?

do i just get money back since it seems that people are consistently getting bad ram?


and if it takes weeks to get the ram do i want to wait just to find out i have yet another bad stick of ram?


I also noticed (and i really dont know if this is how you tell if the ram is a twin set or not) but the pair that works has numbers (think its lot number i dont know) that are sequential like (cant remember exact number) 3652924 and 3652925


while the none working pair has the numbers


(not made up since im looking right at them)




thanks for any help or any answers i appreciate it

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  • Corsair Employees

Please make sure that you have the latest BIOS for your motherboard and then load optimized defaults and set the Memory Voltage to 1.9 volts and then set the timings to 5-5-5-12 (CAS-tRCD-tRP-tRAS) and then test the modules one at a time with http://www.memtest.org! Please allow memtest to run 2-3 passes on each module. If you still get errors, we will be happy to replace them! However, if you get errors with multiple modules that would suggest some other problem and I would test them in another system or MB to be sure.


Also, can you tell me what type of motherboard you have?

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intelcore2duo 6300 (oh wait thats my cpu...curses i dont know what kind of MB i have, and im not at home right now)


I will test them one at a time...


also i upgraded my bios this morning so i will try them again when i get home.


My other question is that it seems like i cant change the ram settings in my bios is there a way to do this? when i select memory from teh bios menu i can see what they are set at but i cant configure anything, any reason why, or am i looking in the wrong place.



Also I have a 375w power supply in there currently, but i just purchased a 700w psu i just havent set it up since i wanted to get the ram in there first. Should i go ahead and use the 700w psu could that be a problem?


I have memtest on a cd, but have not had a chance to run it yet.

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  • Corsair Employees
Also I have a 375w power supply in there currently, but i just purchased a 700w psu i just havent set it up since i wanted to get the ram in there first. Should i go ahead and use the 700w psu could that be a problem?


A: Yes that could be an issue but it will depend on the make and model of MB and the system configuration.


My other question is that it seems like i cant change the ram settings in my bios is there a way to do this? when i select memory from teh bios menu i can see what they are set at but i cant configure anything, any reason why, or am i looking in the wrong place.


A: I would suggest talking to the MB maker to help you with the BIOS settings.

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this is from SPD tab in CPU-z

module size is 1024

bandwith is pc2-6400 (400 mhz)

manufacturer Corsair

Part # CM2X1024-6400

Frequency 270MHZ 400MHZ

CAS 4 5

RAS 4 5

RAS 4 5

tRAS 13 18

tRC 15 22


volt 1.8v 1.8v


what is upsetting is that the ram is listed as 800mhz

and 5-5-5-12

and set for 1.9v



and someone on the dell forums is saying i cant change settings from the bios

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also not sure is twin2X2046-6400 the same product as



order form says the twinX

the ram is CM2X



sorry for all the questions i just want to make sure i am doing everything right before filling out an RMA or whatever. Id rather not do that if i dont have to

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XMS ram was listed,


and i checked with my documentation on my mother board before buying ram and it supports 533 667 and 800 mhz ram and up to 4 gigs


people seem to be having problems with this ram, as soon as i get a free moment i will check it in memtest

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dell xps is my comp and right now 2 gigs of the aforementioned ram is working in my computer.


it could only be one stick of hte other that is bad. And like i said i didnt notice it before i purchased the ram but there seems to be a lot of reviews where at least one stick was doa or had tons of errors on it.


When i do memtest if i can screen shot i will


or if i can print out a report (not sure if its possible never ran memtest before)


i guess i dont understand what the difference between XMS ram and other ram is....people over at dell didnt seem to bat an eye at this

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WHICH XPS model do you have?


The following explains what XMS memory is, but basically it's enthusiast memory, which requires certain timings / voltage to run correctly. I did a quick check on random XPS models in the Corsair Configurator, and didn't see one that had CM2X1024-6400 listed.


XMS Qualification and Testing Updated 6-20-2007


Corsair has developed a methodology in-house for developing, qualifying, and testing memory for use in over clocking applications. Some common questions about this process are answered below, and details are given for testing for specific XMS product families.


Q: What does XMS mean, and what is the idea behind it?


A: We have taken to heart a few facts that over clockers have known for years:

1) Many integrated circuits are capable of operating much faster than their specified speed

2) Standards organizations by their very nature have a difficult time keeping up with market changes.


XMS, or eXtreme Memory Speed, is the process that Corsair uses to take ICs rated at one speed and verify/guarantee their operation at another speed. Since specifications have not been generated to accurately specify operating parameters, Corsair gives these parts an XMS rating. For example, since PC2400 does not exist according to any valid standards institution, Corsair parts are called XMS2400.


Q: How do you verify operation at the XMS speed?


A: In a nutshell, through extensive evaluation in our lab. In order to offer an XMS module, a RAM must be found which can run with adequate stability in multiple platforms at the XMS-rated speed. Testing is done using both Corsairs’ stress-testing fixture, as well as by running common benchmarks, applications programs, operating systems, and games. Parts are evaluated over voltage and temperature extremes to monitor stability. No XMS part is released until all criteria are met.


Q: How do you guarantee operation at the XMS speed?


A: XMS parts are a speed screen of Corsair's standard parts. They are 100% tested at the XMS-rated speed; parts that fall out of this test are tested at the standard rated speed. For example, XMS2400 modules are 100% tested at 300 MHz. Parts that do not meet this speed grade are then tested at PC2100. Specific testing parameters for various XMS products are given below.


Q: How do you program the SPD of XMS parts?


A: Programming the SPD of our XMS parts is a bit problematic. The industry-standard specifications for the SPD values of XMS parts are often not yet defined by JEDEC (the appropriate standards organization) when the parts are introduced. In order to maintain compatibility with the multitudes of motherboards and BIOS revisions out there, the SPD values are programmed at the fastest available parameters defined by JEDEC. The SPD values are defined in the matrix below. Note, though, that in ALL CASES the Corsair part number (which contains the XMS speed grade) is programmed into the SPD as well.

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oh soryr it is a xps 410


i have 2 sticks of the xms in there right now and my computer is running fine.


When i take those out and i put the other two in, my comp doesnt even boot, or it boots to a blue screen.


so i guess i dont know what you are saying to me. You are saying im out 70 bucks and i cant return the other pair because they wouldnt work in my system, even though 2 of them do, i mean your saying these arent suppose to work in my system? even if i run memtest and it shows errors im still screwed? I cant return them and get the correct ram?


I just dont understand why two of them work right now if htey arent suppose to work...


and i guess its my fault that i purchased it but i didnt see anywhere where it said this only works for mother board X....


all i saw was that it was recommended for gammers, it had the correct mhz for my mother board, i dont know...

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i purchased 4


2 are in there and appear to be working just fine. When i first put them in comp booted up with no problems.


When i added the next 2 comp didnt boot up, or went to a blue screen.


I took the second 2 out, started comp again, and it booted up after doing error checking.


I then opened some programs screwed around for about fifteen minutes ran some games, the first two sticks seem to be running fine.


So i decided to take out the first two sticks and replace it with the last 2, in case there was an issue with one of my DIMM slots that i was not aware of.


the second set of sticks wouldnt boot my comp even in the first paired DIMMs i got nothing or a blue screen.


So i removed them and came here and also went to dell forums.


i have been for the last 4 or so days using the first two sticks and comp seems to be running normal. but if they might screw up or could damage anything then i dont want to use them.


its weird that 2 sticks work, and the other 2 dont



today after i get back from work i am going to put my power supply in, and then try each stick separately and then run memtest on them...


well ill probably run memtest first then put in the power supply

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  • Corsair Employees
OEM systems will not allow you to adjust any memory settings in the BIOS, and this is why our XMS memory is not recommended for your system. Some modules might work in the system, while other modules of the same or similar spec may not function at all without adjusting some of the memory settings manually. I would recommend that you exchange the memory with your reseller for a part that is tested to be used with your system (VS1GB667D2).
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ok thanks!


also then what about rebates, these two came with rebates should i send in the rebates for them or if htere are rebates for the other ones i should wait to send in those ones?


I am kind of assuming that i should send in these rebates because the other ones i would assume the rebates wouldnt be acceptable because they are an exchange.

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sorry one more question


if i were able to change the voltage then it wouldnt matter and i could use this ram...its jsut that the voltage needs ot be at 1.9v and not at 1.8v



thanks for all the help stepping me through this process. I work for a digital imaging company and we run 10 servers have 150 computers connected to the network as well as 10 render engines. We usually purchase corsair ram and we had used the XMS ram in several of our other computers and havent had any issues. Apparently we are just pretty lucky and everything is working at the correct voltage.


Seeing how great the ram always works i just made sure my mb could use 800mhz ram. I guess I dont know as much about ram as i should. Obviously now i have a lot more knowledge about this. Now im afraid every computer in the lab will suddenly blow up...lol...please dont...please


no but seriously, we must just be lucky because we have ahd no issues.


When i went to newegg after getting the faulty ram (apparently my fault) i saw a lot of people complaining about this and the ram had a 5 star rating.


It seemed to me like maybe a bad batch went out or something. I wonder how many people dont realize its because of the voltage.




One other thing i posted above but it never seemed to get answered but im still curious.


The lot number


the two working pair have their lot numbers off by 1


the none working pair their numbers are off by...ten or twenty (once again im just guessing but its more then just a couple). My question is, are the lot numbers (if matched pair) suppose to be sequential? Or does this not have any bearing on matched pairs or not?


Thanks again

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  • Corsair Employees

In most cases the standard 6400 parts will work at 1.8 volts, however since they are tested at 1.9, we can't guarantee any results at 1.8. It also comes down to the actual motherboard, some boards may be delivering 1.87, 1.92, etc. even though they are set to deliver 1.8. Some boards my undervolt as well, giving 1.75, 1.77 etc. XMS modules are tested at more aggressive settings than standard memory and depending on the board, BIOS, and the rest of the system, sometimes you need to adjust the memory settings in order to get the system stable.


Lot codes will not always be sequential or even similar, however revisions will always be the same and matched pairs are always tested in a dual channel environment to ensure compatibility with each other.

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"Either that or get memory that is Nvidia SLI/EPP certified. The mb will supply the volts need as specified by the EPP profile..mine runs ad 2.0v with EPP on and 1.8 with it off.."


this was posted from someone at dell in my thread there. So what does this mean? Does it make a mother board that has no bios changing capabilities change to whatever the ram is set?

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  • Corsair Employees
The Dell 720 series allows you to enable SLI-Ready memory which would read from an EPP profile on the memory, however these systems use memory which is specially tested for use in a Dell system, and retail versions of a similar module would not be recommended.
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