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bad part ?


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I have a flash voyager CMFUSB2.0-2GB. Its number is : FM2740137

It has worked normally for 3 months, but suddenly crashed this week.

I can't write data on it, nor read. I tried to format it, using the

"format X:/FS:FAT32/U" but it doesn't work, I've got an error message telling the disk is protected against writing.

I am getting used to your warranty process because it's the third bad part I receive!The first one was due to a wrong capacity (1 GB instead of 2 GB), and the second one had the same problem as this one.

So what's the matter with this flash memory ? Is it incompatible with me or my computer ? The last flash memory I had was a Lexar Jumpdrive, it had no warranty, it wasn't water-resistant nor shock resistant but had lasted 3 years. I used it quite the same way as I use yours, so I don't understand what's happening.

What do we do?

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